The Roadmap is ready

Monday 21st Aug, 2017

Your guide to the Working Locally project is available now.


Where do you find yourself on the Working Locally Roadmap?


Much like shopping centre maps that comfortingly remind us ‘You Are Here’ when we can’t find the bathroom, our Working Locally Roadmap has been designed with reassurance in mind. 

Its main purpose is to help us work out where we are, as well as what’s happening and when. It is intended as a conversation starter and is a very broad project overview in visual form. That it appears overwhelming at first glance is completely understandable – to simplify such an enormous project back to one page has been a hefty task. There’s been half a dozen incarnations as well as consultation with, and feedback from the current Comms working group.

The highlighted milestones were chosen by groups of employees and customers as indicators of our progress, and the event icons created to help us badge our collaborations.

As we embark on this two year adventure together it is anticipated that, from time to time, the Roadmap will evolve. Use it as your reference point when talking to team members, to see where we’re up to, and to keep an eye out for any exciting updates.

Printed copies of the Roadmap are available from your Team Facilitator, but if you just can't wait you can download a copy below and print it out yourself. As well as the graphic version, we've uploaded a wordy version which shows some more detail around tasks to be undertaken (though it doesn't have the cute cars).

If you have any questions or to start a conversation, be sure to talk to your team or head to the Forum.