Promoting our project with Rosie Lawn

Thursday 9th Nov, 2017

There is much interest about the way we're transforming Avivo together.

In October, I presented Working Locally at two National Disability Service (NDS) workshops about developing high performing teams.

NDS is supporting organisations to develop new ways of working. The purpose of the workshops was to share learning and explore ideas amongst people who are interested in providing good services through self-managing teams. 

The first workshop was in Perth on October 9. This workshop was kicked off by Yumi Stamet, Workforce Adviser for NDS who has lots of knowledge about organisations using self-management and helping disability organisations across Australia develop themselves for high performance. After this I spoke about why and how Avivo is moving to local self-directing teams, then Justin O’Meara Smith the CEO of Interchange spoke about their work on self-organising. 

It was great to have so many Avivo colleagues there along with other people who work for other disability organisations in Perth. There were lots of questions and discussion in small groups. 

The second workshop in Melbourne on October 16 included disability organisations across the Eastern States.  Yumi Stamet spoke again along with Alan Hough a Consultant with NDS about what is happening internationally and Australia. We then heard from Scott Thomson from Google, and the way they support their teams to do great work.  It was amazing to hear how similar their ideas and experience is to ours. I then talked about Avivo and how we are developing local teams with an emphasis on why and how.  This was followed by Kathy Wonderley who is CEO of ACES a small disability provider in Port Macquarie who has transitioned to self-managing person centred teams.

It was great to talk with people working in the sector about what they are doing and learning. Participants were really interested and challenged by the presentations and had lots of questions about what we are all doing.

Rosie’s presentation can be watched here, downloaded here or found on ConnectUs. 

You’re welcome to use if you're having conversations about Working Locally or it might prompt you to post to the Forum section here.