ETT phone home

Thursday 1st Mar, 2018

As part of the Working Locally Project the Tech Stream is developing what will become a highly valued online tool that will support greater connections between teams, customers and Avivo.
The Project is called Enabling Through Technology or, ETT, and it’s been underway for a few months.

Looking at what ways we can make some of the things we do simpler and more accessible is at the core of ETT. A recent presentation given by one of the development partners looked at the research that’s been done with teams and customers, review of common administration tasks and the types of functionality the ETT Project will make available.

View a summary of the presentation here.

They spent time shadowing people providing supports, understanding work related to keeping supports in place, spoke one-on-one with people and conducted focus workshops. They wanted to understand the pain points in making things happen, what would people like to see made easier and how an online tool will assist in creating better connections between team members.

Some of the issues centred on areas such as changes to rosters, lack of communication or confusion between people in the office and the field. Summarised feedback on areas to improve were grouped as being: inconsistent ways of working, limited and inaccurate information, lack of communication and inefficiency. Current challenges noted was the many ways office and field staff are currently using to try to fill a shift or change a support. People could use text, phone calls and email to try to reach someone and it’s taking time and sometimes overwhelming people to keep up.

People involved with the research had many suggestions on how such issues could be tackled and also the types of information they would like to see delivered via the ETT Project. Being able to update employee or customer information, access Support plans, view funding balances were some of the ideas thought worthy of including.

The presentation shared the next stages following on from the research and identified the priorities as being:

First Priority (essential)

a. Rostering and timesheet
b. Team communication tool
c. Customer records
d. Staff access

Second Priority (essential)

a. Customer records – Funding records
b. Customer access

Third Priority (optional)

a. Customer records – Other HR functions

ETT is a big project and will continue to be developed over the next 12 months. It is anticipated to have the first stage of development ready for viewing and initial testing by the end of June 2018.

If you’d like to give some feedback on the ETT Project, put your hand up to be a part of upcoming working groups then be sure to post to the Working Locally Forum.