Enabling Through Technology project is underway

Tuesday 8th Aug, 2017

Of all the feedback that's led us to the emerging bottom lines for Working Locally, the need for helpful technology has been coming through loud and clear. Enter the Enabling Through Technology project and its team of big-hearted tech-heads.



What is Enabling Through Technology?

A 2 year project to develop new IT tools to make it easier for support workers, customers and families to connect with each other and get access to information about supports. This is a really exciting piece of work that supports our transition to Working Locally.

Who’s on the team?

We are delighted to finally have the team on deck. There are a couple of new faces - Greg Fuller as Project Manager, and Brett Di Lello as Solution Architect.  It took us a while to find just the right people for the job and these two gentlemen bring to Avivo a huge amount of experience in implementing large projects like this one.  There are also a couple of not-so-new faces in Karen Caddy and Eileen Ewing who will be bringing their totally awesome business analysis skills to the project.

What are we up to right now?

  • Getting to grips with what we have now: “Getting under the hood” of our existing systems to understand what is working well and where the pain points are so that we can be sure we are building on a solid foundation.
  • Starting to connect with our customers and field-based employees so that we can really hear what you need this tool to do.

What can you do to help?

  • We are keen to involve people from across the business in the project.  We’ve already had some people put their hands up, but it’s not too late so please let us know.