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Roadmap V2 has landed

02 March 2018

The updated timeline for the Working Locally project is complete and already guiding the work we're doing now. 

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We came, we stopped, we learned.

07 August 2017

Recently, about 80 Avivo staff took the time to get together for the first of a series of Stop and Learn sessions as part of the Working Locally project.  

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Working Locally underway

10 July 2017

Avivo has a great Vision and we’re pretty good at supporting people to live life as they choose. For us to deliver even better services we are investing in our people, the ones working closely with customers in their communities.

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Working Locally: Doing better what we do now

10 July 2017

Strong teams delivering stronger outcomes closer to home.

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Working Locally and the Roadmap

19 June 2017

Have you heard about Working Locally and the Roadmap that’s being developed now? Well, it’s all about how, together we’re changing how we work in teams and with customers so we keep doing the good work we do. It’s happening over the next 18 months, we’re underway and we need you!

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