Tell It Like It Is

If you have a question about Working Locally, chances are others have as well. We've gathered some of the questions we're hearing regularly and hopefully you'll find the answer you're looking for.

This list will change as we progress, so it's worth checking back now and again. If you can't see your question here you're welcome to send it via the Contact page.

Why are things changing at Avivo?

What is Working Locally?
Working Locally is a project to organise ourselves into local teams to better support customers to live life in their homes and communities. All employees will have opportunities to develop through their work and feel more connected to team members. Customers will benefit from continued consistent and reliable local services with people they know and trust. Together, we will grow our community by living as valued citizens. 

Why is citizenship important?
Avivo is committed to supporting the citizenship of everyone we are connected to. It is about how we live freely within communities with rights, choice and control, respecting each other and the differences we all have. It is far more than having a certificate saying you are a citizen of a country. It is having a real sense of belonging and contribution. Local teams, dedicated to supporting people within communities, will promote the citizenship of both customers and employees.    

What is a self-managing team?
Avivo have been looking at ways that help us do better work. Self-management is one way teams work together, take responsibility for their work and make decisions to provide great services to customers. Some teams are exploring how to self-manage, and we are learning what it takes and what support is required. Every team is different. Some take on more responsibility than others, the important thing is to do a good job.


How is Working Locally happening?

The Roadmap
The Roadmap guides the work we need to do to make Working Locally a reality. It’s been developed through conversations and workshops with employees and customers from across the organisation. As the work is identified, it is put in order, creating the signposts we’re using to guide our journey towards local teams. The Roadmap has four streams of work, which are areas of activity needed to achieve our Working Locally goals.

They are identified as:

  • Planning: How do we organise ourselves to work better together with customers?
  • People: How are we preparing and supporting ourselves for Working Locally?
  • Comms: How are we keeping everyone in the loop?
  • Tech: What systems and technology are needed to help us work better together? 

The Working Groups
The Working Groups are where people collaborate to do certain blocks of work. They may run for three weeks or three months, and people may come and go. Sometimes, a ‘Pop-up’ Working Group is set up where the focus is on a short and specific piece of work. If a Stream requires a Working Group, people with specialist skills and/or different perspectives are invited to join. Involvement with a Working Group is paid and where possible, a person’s other work is covered to take part. To date over 100 employees and customers have contributed to a Working Group. 


What will be different about my work?

Will things change for me?
Avivo is committed to having as many people contribute to the work as possible. We are learning about what local teams can do and what support they will need. The most important thing is that we continue to deliver excellent support and services to our customers and we assist each other to do great work now. As we learn more about what it takes to work locally, some changes will happen and anyone affected by any change will be part of this. 

What about my customers and current work?
We are working together to develop local teams that benefit all Avivo customers. Right now, we don’t know which customers will be affected and some may have no changes at all. Please be assured that both customers and employees will be consulted about preferences before any changes are made to supports or work.  

What about my pay?
We want to find a fair way to pay people that we can also afford. We are looking at roles in local teams and the office and we need to test these to make sure they are financially sustainable. Until these key details are finalised, we’re not able to say what the pay structure might look like. 


How can I get involved?

Communicate. Contribute. Create.
How you choose to take part is up to you. You might want to simply keep in touch by reading emails or consider hosting a conversation. There are events, working groups and forums, all open for you to share your knowledge, experience or concerns. Take a look here for some ideas!