Working Locally is a project to organise ourselves into local teams to better support customers to live life in their homes and communities. All employees will have opportunities to develop through their work and feel more connected to team members. Customers will benefit from continued consistent and reliable local services with people they know and trust. Together, we will grow our community by living as valued citizens.

At Avivo we're committed to life. Specifically, living it well.

We support people, our employees and customers, and we're dedicated to developing our organisation meaningfully.  Over the next two years we're embarking on a journey to help develop stronger teams and support people really well into the future. To begin the transformation there were a number of forums, meetings and started research with employees and customers on how Working Locally could take shape.

There were some key themes that arose as non-negotiables for people, as well as strong reasons for why we're changing and with these to guide us, we're on the road to making our organisation the best it can be.

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CEO Rosie Lawn talks Working Locally

You're a part of Avivo's future so share your ideas and we'll map out this journey together.

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